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Question: What is a Rare Breed? Answer: A Rare Breed is any breed of dog that is not currently recognized by the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club). These are usually newly-developed breeds; breeds that are recognized by another Registry, such as the FCI (Federacion Cynologique- Internacionale), UKC (United Kennel Club), AKC (American Kennel Club); or breeds that have their own breed-specific registries. Question: How can I register my dog?  Answer: When you purchased your dog, your Breeder should have provided registration papers from a recognized registry. These papers should include: your dog's registration number; the names of your dog's parents; the breeder's name; your name (as the "Owner"); etc. Ideally, your dog should be permanently identified by tattoo or microchip, with the number reflected on the registration papers. If you have registration papers, you may enter one of the Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario’s shows. Note: The Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario is not a registry. Question: How can I find out where the shows are? Answer: You can call Roy Aitchison at (519) 686-1955 or email him at 2roy@rogers.com or check out the club’s web page: http://www.rbcswo.com which lists all Upcoming Shows.  Question: How do I enter? Answer: You can contact the Club's Show Secretary to arrange to have your entry received. Or, you can use the form on the Club's web site, or contact the Show Secretary to have one mailed or faxed to you. Question: What could I win? Answer: The Rare Breed Club of SW Ontario (RBCSWO) offers tremendous rosettes for most placements/wins and in some cases, small prizes. You are also awarded "Points" for your wins. When you have accumulated 15 points (one point must be earned after the dog is one year old) your dog will earn the title of "Champion." If that isn’t enough to entice you... the RBCSWO also keeps track of your dog’s points for the year, and you might win a "Top Dog" award! Question: What is a Top Dog Award? Answer: The RBCSWO is pleased to offer exhibitors the opportunity to compete for the recognition of being Canada's "Top Dog" (among Rare Breeds). The Club makes these awards for: * the Top 10 * the Top 5 in each Group; and * the #1 Dog in each breed To be eligible, a dog must defeat at least one other dog at the breed, group or show level to begin to accumulating top dog points. One (1) point is awarded for each dog defeated at the highest level earned by the dog at each show. Question: Why should I show my dog? Answer: Showing is not for everyone. Most people show because they just love to show off their dog. Some people show because they want to know if their dog is really as good as they think it is, and they want to get a judge’s opinion. Some people show because they wish to obtain a championship, to show others that their dog meets the breed standard and is show/breeding quality. Some people love meeting others with the same breed. Some people love talking "dogs" all day long. Everyone loves winning the great prizes and rosettes! Most exhibitors come early and help each other set up, groom and share information about their breeds. Some of our shows are at the same site as Canadian Kennel Club shows, and draw many spectators who flock to the Rare Breed Dog show, to meet your dogs and learn more about your breed. Rare Breed Shows are very relaxed and informal compared to CKC shows. There will be others willing to assist you with handling tips, grooming tips, and lending equipment --- or in some cases, even showing your your dog for you (if you ask). Question: What should I bring to a Show? Answer: You can bring as little as yourself, your dog, collar and leash. It is always a good idea to bring chairs, bottled water, a dog dish, baggies (too scoop poop), and a snack. Seasoned exhibitors bring much more for their comfort, and the comfort of their dogs. Sometime, exhibitors that are showing both days bring tents and trailers, and camp overnight at the show site. Question: Do points keep accumulating from year to year? Answer: The points a dog has earned toward a Championship will accumulate from year to year. However, the points earned toward the "Top Dog" awards are tabulated at the end of every show season, giving everyone a chance to win the award each year.
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